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Are there no longer masters of anything?

It seems that Harvard University is determined to be part of the politically correct campus madness. Highly educated people who insist on publicly humiliating themselves shows

“Apple College” is a great idea

We need to start breaking the mold and thinking more broadly about higher education. I have a thought -- this concept is not for everybody, but it

Have It Your Way – Just Not With My Money

A penetrating article in The Wall Street Journal lists the many aggressive efforts mounted by colleges and universities over the years to prevent publication of

Can a Video Game Outperform a Professor?

Maybe in some ways it can, according to a side-by-side test done by a professor at Hult International Business School. See my post  here on Phi Beta

An Excellent Guide for the College Selection Process

Here is a great checklist for college guidance counselors everywhere! There are many options for post-secondary education. Parents and students need expert and comprehensive guidance.