Is there nobody who can guide these students?

Is there nobody who can guide these students?

It’s very discouraging to read that minority students continue to be under-represented in careers that tend to pay higher wages.

Much of this is due to the fact that they grow up without role models active in higher paying jobs, so they really don’t know what options exist for them.

Enter – supposedly – school guidance counselors, admissions officers and faculty. But are they doing their job?

This can only be rectified by working with students at a granular level, in school, day in and day out. One man is trying to make a difference, please take a moment to read about him here, in my latest commentary on National Review’s higher education blog Phi Beta Cons.

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  • Joseph Rafter

    February 16, 2016at5:15 pm

    Maybe the African American and other Ethnic races are not ready and/or prepared to go to college right out of High School. Instead of going to college they could enter into the working community. Within the working community they can be exposed to what types of jobs are available and of interest to them. Another option to enlist in a military service, which would expose them to a lot of experiences and opportunities.
    Along with acquiring working experience and appreciation for earning a pay check they could gain incentive to acquire skills leading to a higher paying position. Society has insisted that people should go directly to college from high school, but that may work for some but not all. There are other options available for all races.