On Church Leadership

Bret Stephens wrote an interesting column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, on issues facing the next Pope and the Church in general. In highlighting

Skin in the Game

Laura Hamilton, a Professor at the University of California (Merced campus) was quoted in the New York Times on January 20th. Speaking about the results

Phil Mickelson and Marginal Tax Rates

Well-known professional golfer Phil Mickelson is dealing with the new reality -- positioned squarely in the Top 1%, he is being asked to "do a

The Cost of Speed

Recently, Amtrak announced that a $450 million will be earmarked to upgrade 24 miles of track in New Jersey, so that Acela trains can reach

Taxes, Social Security, and Me

As much as I would like to deny it, I am creeping ever closer to retirement, and adding my name to the rolls of all