Wasting time and money on campus

Wasting time and money on campus

Having spent  many years in both the business and academic environments, I was appalled and saddened at what I saw happening on some campuses this past fall.

There is much to say, and much to think about, regarding the state of higher education today.

Please read my thoughts in this commentary which appeared today on the higher education web site SeeThruEdu.

  • rbrancatelli

    January 19, 2016at4:32 pm

    An excellent albeit sad commentary on the state of higher ed these days, Vic. I think there is a culture of victimization that drives such behavior. It is led by people who don’t really care about students or learning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the students studying in the library were mostly from immigrant families…

  • scattergood2@comcast.net

    January 19, 2016at7:04 pm

    Vic   My, you have been busy – but you are right on track.   How’s your breakfast schedule?  Maybe we can find a time and then invite Win (the long-lost one) to join us.   Pete