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Of Monuments, Elevators and Government

Readers of this blog know that I tend to embrace libertarian/conservative viewpoints generally, and especially when it comes to government intervention into areas that I consider

This Media Disruption is Bugging Me!

This took me by surprise, but National Review is shutting down virtually all of their blogs, including Phi Beta Cons, the blog dedicated to higher

Colleges at the Money Trough

Would you purchase a pack of ten lightbulbs if you know in advance that four of them won't work? Neither would I. But that's what the

Indoctrination at Gettysburg College?

As college faculty members, should we tell students what to think, or should we help them to think for themselves? It seems that one professor at

Ex-cons on Campus?

Sometimes the most well-intentioned programs can be adopted without enough forethought and analysis. The Obama administration's Fair Chance for Higher Education initiative could be one of

Tough Times at Haverford College

Despite a $500 million endowment and a sticker price of $66,500 per year, it seems that tough times have come to Haverford College. You can read