Consulting + Writing Services

From time to time, I undertake consulting, writing, and speaking projects that relate to the topics and issues that are the primary focus of my writing. In addition to writing commentaries on the topics that interest me, I also engage with readers on a more active basis. This often takes the form of contract writing, consulting on organizational development and employee growth, short term business project work, and speaking to groups on the topics addressed in my blogs and commentaries.

Writing Desk

Personal Coaching + Development

As an experienced senior manger, I developed a personal coaching style that stressed clarity of self-assessment, coupled with a clear understanding of organization goals, to yield a specific plan of action for personal and organizational development.

I have worked with a number of young managers who are in the process of being “stretched” into more senior positions, to provide them with additional support as they transition into their new responsibilities.

This coaching takes the form of four highly detailed “conversations”, in which I facilitate their understanding of key areas that are important to their success.

Each “conversation” is 2-3 hours in length, spaced over a number of weeks. The conversations follow a defined rubric, which is agreed upon in advance by management, aimed to focus on the topics that are most vital to the individual. After each conversation, I follow up with detailed feedback to the individual, as well as agreed upon action steps.


Compliance Verification

Court decisions, consent decrees and negotiated settlements frequently require the use of a qualified third party to monitor and report on compliance and progress on compensation, promotion, and other matters related to human resources.


Private Arbitration + Mediation

Based on extensive training by the American Arbitration Association, as well as my own commercial and business experience, I am available to assist in private alternate dispute resolution, through mediation or arbitration.


Due Diligence

In considering acquisition candidates, companies frequently have need for short-term, qualified support in order to understand the contractual obligations of the target company. Based on my background and experience, I am well qualified to review sales, purchasing, freight carrier and other contracts, and render a summary to management regarding the current contractual obligations.


Writing Services

As a business executive, college faculty member and author of commentaries and essays for publication, I have worked extensively in the fields of communications, marketing, and public relations.

I work on commissioned long-form articles as well as shorter copy work such as internal communication documents, position papers, policy positions and reports, for both corporate and non-profit organizations.


Speaking Engagements

Effective communication requires organization, clarity, conciseness and engagement, all of which have been hallmarks of my professional career as well as my writing.

When speaking to groups on the topics that I address in my commentaries, I employ a structured approach to the content, along with a conversational and engaging speaking style.

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