Of Cyber Hacks and Cheesecake

Probably most of us have received the unsettling email from one of the corporations with which we regularly do business.It goes something like this: “We are

Academics Peer Into the Private Sector

Long-term tenured professors must be surveying the higher education landscape and wondering just what has happened to their once-predictable lives. It’s not just small liberal arts

Changing Careers? Look Forward, Not Back!

The Wall Street Journal recently ran two articles dealing with career transitions for baby boomers, specifically knowing when it is time to step down. For those

Ursinus Twitter Uproar Misses the Point

This week’s uproar over Ursinus Board of Trustees President Michael Marcon’s tweets, and the subsequent resignation of board member David Bloom, has upset me —

This Media Disruption is Bugging Me!

This took me by surprise, but National Review is shutting down virtually all of their blogs, including Phi Beta Cons, the blog dedicated to higher

An Excellent Guide for the College Selection Process

Here is a great checklist for college guidance counselors everywhere! There are many options for post-secondary education. Parents and students need expert and comprehensive guidance. http://www.nationalreview.com/phi-beta-cons/424447/excellent-checklist-high-school-college-guidance-counselors-vic-brown