This Media Disruption is Bugging Me!

This took me by surprise, but National Review is shutting down virtually all of their blogs, including Phi Beta Cons, the blog dedicated to higher education issues.

A year ago, I was asked to be a regular contributor to this blog, and have published some 48 commentary pieces during those twelve months, on a number of higher ed topics.

I found Phi Beta Cons to be timely, as it featured perspectives from writers more gifted than I, and I am sorry to see it go. Their farewell post can be read here, and all of my previous posts are archived here, in case you missed some of these gems.

The National Review focus will be on their home page (an attempt to drive magazine subscription sales, I am sure), but they have asked us to contribute somewhat longer form articles on higher education, which I plan to do.

My writing will certainly continue, at National Review as well as on the pages of The Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, SeeThruEdu, the Philadelphia Inquirer, my own personal blog (which you are reading now), and other journals whose defenses I have yet to breach (are you listening, Wall Street Journal? New York Tmes?).

So stay tuned as the work continues, even though the media channel changes. These are exciting times for publishers and writers alike, as technology reshapes the landscape. I am looking forward to continuing the journey.