Federal-State Partnership – or Extortion?

Federal-State Partnership – or Extortion?

You may remember that I recently wrote about the Eastern College president trying to line up at the Hillary Clinton free tuition trough. Now the president of LSU has gone one better.

LSU already would qualify for the Clinton initiative — President F. King Alexander is more concerned with using federal tax dollars as a cudgel against states that would dare to reduce their funding for public higher education.

You can read about it here in National Review’s blog site Phi Beta Cons.

Unfortunately, this is the last time you can read my rumination on the National Review web site. Effective at the end of this week, they are shutting down almost all of their blogs, including Phi Beta Cons.

The crisis in publishing and media continues, with old models being discarded in search of new. Now, it seems that even some of the relatively new models are being discarded.

However, Vic Brown’s blog survives right here, and I will continue to offer my thoughts on business, education and policy on a regular basis. I also write for other media outlets, and will continue to provide links to my articles in this space.

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