A Good Writer Needs a Good Office. How Can I Possibly Cope with Mine?

So here I am in Career #3, following 30 years in the chemical industry with FMC Corporation, and an additional 13 years on the faculty and staff of Ursinus College.

As a full-time writer, my goal is to take what I have learned in these first two careers, and use that information and experience to contribute meaningfully to the public discourse on business, academic and policy issues.

Of course, a good writer needs to be energized by working in a suitable office environment. I have been of the opinion that my office is just fine — complete with phone and fax, computer and high speed internet access, desk and bookshelves, and two reading chairs for thoughtful contemplation. You can see a bit of it here…..


But now I realize it is not enough, not nearly. While browsing photos of homes (which I cannot afford) in the New York Times recently, I came upon this home office….

Version 2

For goodness sake, this is the kind of space I need to truly do my best work, and to win Pulitzers, Nobels and National Book Club awards! No matter that I don’t play chess, and no matter that my house would have to be twice as large as it is to hold all of this office space.

I guess I’ll just have to pretend that I am in that beautiful office, and do my best to write well, to contribute, and to learn as I go. After all, life is good, I have what i need, and I can share this beautiful photo with my readers.