I Know It’s Cold – But Enough With the Wind Chill!

February in Philadelphia. It’s supposed to be cold, and it is.

I’ll admit that, with the temperatures flirting with lows of zero degrees, I am colder than normal. I’ll also admit that these temperatures make for good copy and ratings on the local TV station weather reports — but isn’t a low of zero enough drama for them?

Apparently not, since they lead each of their ridiculously long weather reports with “wind chill” and “feels like” temperatures of -20, even -30 degrees!! Armageddon approaches, how will we ever survive this catastrophe?

Al I really need to know are the expected temperatures, which they eventually get around to displaying later in the weather forecast. Temperature forecasts tell me if pipes might freeze and cars might not start. That’s about all I need.

Any sensible person just stays out of the wind on a cold night, nothing particularly new about that.

Temperature forecasts worked fine for many years — until the need for added drama to boost ratings took hold and the “wind chill” was invented.

No more, please. Just tell me how cold it will be. I’ll decide how I “feel”.