Impeachment baiting? How low can they go?

Impeachment baiting? How low can they go?

In my opinion, the starting point for the current divisiveness, vitriol and nastiness in our politics occurred in 1987 – when Ted Kennedy took to the floor of the Senate to deliver his “Robert Bork’s America” speech. That speech was unbelievably hateful and defamatory, and it has been downhill ever since.

I thought perhaps it could not get worse than it has, but recent Democratic patter that Republicans want to impeach President Obama, is frankly beyond the pale. I understand the strategy they might have — that if people believe it is true, it may be a rallying point for the Democratic party in the upcoming elections.

Of course, it isn’t true (Sarah Palin aside), but the fact that any political party would use this as a strategy shows how far we have fallen. The preservation of political power is paramount, solving the country’s many problems is not even a close second.

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